Learn To Play

The Tim Hortons Learn to Play Program (LTP) is a revolutionary way of introducing the sport of softball to 5-10 year old children. Activities are included which foster the involvement of all players, including players with high and low skill levels.  It uses activities and lead-up games that are patterned after informal playground games that promise fun and lots of action. Participants will go home at the end of the night happy and tired while improving their fitness level and softball skills.

Learn to Play provides 5-10 year olds with maximum opportunity to practice the progressions necessary to successfully take part in the game of softball.


Please see the registration page for more information and to see the link to register online.  Registration deadline is 12:00am April 1st.

Teams will be formed around mid April, with the league games normally starting the second week of May. Parents will be notified as soon as game schedules are released by SMSL.

Levels for 2018 Season

Blast Ball (born in 2012, 2013, 2014)

May-June, Days – Mondays and Wednesdays – 6:30pm

  • Blast Ball is the introductory level of softball, which uses a softer bat and ball as well as a “honking base”
  • Teams are co-ed
  • Games last about 1 hour – 30 minutes warm up/practice and 30 minutes game play
  • See the equipment information page

Rookie Ball (born in 2010, 2011)

May-June, Days – Tuesdays and Thursdays – 6:30pm

  • Rookie Ball is a slightly modified game where they use a pitching machine and provide extra opportunity to hit the ball
  • Everyone bats each inning
  • Teams will be split between boys and girls
  • Games last approx. 75 min. 15-30 min, pre-game and then 40-60 min. game
  • See the equipment information page

Mites (born in 2008, 2009)

May-June, Days – Mondays and Wednesdays – 6:30pm

  • Mites is where the game begins to develop for the pitchers, batters and fielders
  • They now alternate innings between player pitching and pitching machines
  • The emphasis is on fun, skill development and learning the game
  • Teams will be split between boys and girls.
  • Have an 8 p.m. curfew. A 20 min. warm up is encouraged.
  • All Mites teams will be entered into the U10 Festival to be held in Saskatoon in June
  • See the equipment information page

Mites born in 2008 have the option to try out for U12 Squirt. Please contact the zone exec to apply for this.

About the Tim Hortons Learn To Play program

The Tim Hortons Learn to Play Program ensures children of all skill levels have FUN while improving their fitness levels and developing their Fundamental Movement Skills.

  • Ensures children have fun while improving their fitness and developing their skills
    Is action-packed
  • Fosters success for all ability levels
  • Has easy-to-follow lesson plans for new and experienced coaches
  • Contains activities and lead up games that are patterned after informal playground games
  • Gives every child more opportunities to develop softball skills because everyone is active for every minute of every season
    Is nationally recognized and approved


Traditionally, at the 5-10 year level, coaches are moms and dads with little or no coaching experience at all. This program is designed to make it easy to implement for the volunteer coach who knows a great deal about softball or who does not. It includes:

  • Prepared lesson plans
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • A letter to give to parents about the program
  • Progressions for teaching basic skills
  • Lead up games designed to simulate the real game of softball

More Information

If you have any questions please contact LTP Co-ordinators: LTP@saskatoonlasers.com

For more information about the Tim Hortons Learn to play program visit the Softball Canada Website.