Uniforms and Equipment

Blast Ball

Helmets are optional.  Gloves are optional as the ball is soft to encourage players to use two bare hands when picking up and catching the ball. T-shirt supplied by Tim Hortons. Players wear their normal shorts or pants depending on the weather and their preference. Cleats are not needed, running shoes are normally worn.

Rookie Ball

Ball gloves are required. Helmet is optional.  T-shirt supplied by Tim Hortons. Players wear their normal shorts or pants depending on the weather and their preference.  Cleats are optional, runners are still OK at this age.


Uniform (Mites / Squirt / Peewee / Bantam)

The zone will provide the players jerseys for the season.

The zone each year will have a uniform night at which time everyone comes down, picks out their jerseys and pays a damage deposit which will be refunded at the end of the year as long as the jerseys are returned. Any player that fails to return their uniform or returns it in a damaged condition will forfeit this deposit.

Please wash your uniform in cold water only. DO NOT PLACE IT IN THE DRYER, you should hang your uniform to dry (this will help to avoid damaging the numbers).


Player equipment (Mites / Squirt / Peewee / Bantam)

It is MANDATORY that each player have:

  • Ball glove
  • Red Helmet with face mask for batting  (For Mites only zone will supply helmet)
  • Blue Under Armour Shirt
  • Navy Belt
  • Red Ball Socks
  • Navy Muzino Ball Pants

While not mandatory, it is highly recommended that players purchase a face mask as well, regardless if you are infield or outfield.

If you are concerned that the glove may be too small as the player’s hand has grown, please ask your coach or take it to Al Anderson’s and ask their staff.

Lasers branded clothing can be ordered online at (2018 link not yet ready)

It is OPTIONAL to have:

  • ball cleats (although highly recommended)
  • batting gloves
  • equipment bag

It is recommended that each player bring the following equipment to all games and practices: Jacket, mittens, water bottle, sun screen, insect repellent, sun glasses.

Hat: You do NOT need to order a hat – Lasers logo hats are supplied for all squirt, peewee and bantam players by the zone.

Bat: You don’t need to purchase a bat, those are supplied for all teams.  Peewee and Bantam players may wish to purchase a bat for when they go to batting cages on their own time, however we don’t recommend purchasing bats for Squirt players – they are still learning what size and weight they prefer, and this changes as they grow.  For squirt players it’s preferred that they borrow a bat from the coach as needed.