Bingo Information

Bingo Information

For the 2021 ball season, no bingo deposit will be collected due to the uncertancies with Covid and Bingo facilities.


Sign up for Bingo shifts:

Click here to sign up for bingo shifts. The link will take you to a shared document in Google Sheets. Please enter the required information (Worker name, player name, phone number, and team) in one white block; one block equals one shift. Only fill blocks that are empty. Do not overwrite any existing information. If you have questions about any bingo shifts, or cannot attend a shift you have signed up for, please contact the Bingo Coordinator at


General Information

The Saskatoon Lasers continue to partner with City Centre Bingo to help offset costs for the zone. The amount the zone generates from bingos goes directly into buying equipment/jerseys and maintaining the diamonds. Last year over $30,000 was raised through bingos and re-invested in jerseys, equipment and new shale for Senator Gladstone diamonds. In addition to the funds generated for the zone, your team received funds credited to your player account to offset tournament and other team costs. Without these funds, other fundraisers would need to be implemented or fees would need to be significantly raised to offset costs.

Teams will no longer require a bingo coordinator, as the zone will be coordinating all bingos. There will be one central location where all bingo workers can sign up to work their players’ bingo shifts. As in the past, each junior player (U12, U14, U16) registered will be expected to provide workers for 2 bingo shifts.

As Covid rules evolve in the 2021 season, if we receive bingo dates we ask you to please sign up.  Every shift worked will give your daughter a credit of $75 up to August 31, 2021.


Bingo Rules

  • The zone is licensed by the Saskatchewan Liquor & Gaming Authority (SLGA) to participate in bingos and is subject to the regulations of the SLGA.
  • All Bingos are held at City Center Bingo (located at 310 22nd Street W.)
  • Each session (4-5 hours) constitutes one bingo shift.
  • The Bingo coordinator will be accountable for all bingos and has the responsibility to assign all individual shifts.
  • The more bingo cards you sell, the more money raised for the zone as organizations working the bingo are paid a percentage of that day’s bingo revenue.
  • Workers must be least 14 years of age to work bingos.
  • We understand that things come up, but if you need to cancel your shift, the bingo coordinator requires a minimum of 48 hours notice in order to fill your spot.  Please give as much notice as possible. Note that you are free to find your own replacement if you cannot make it to a scheduled shift – the bingo coordinator does not need to be informed if you find your own replacement, but make sure to tell your replacement which player they are working for.
  • It is your responsibility to remember the dates you have signed up for. If you are a “no show” with no contact your deposit will not be refunded and your team will not get a credit.

Code of conduct for all Bingo workers

  • Bingo workers must arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the shift. Please notify the coordinator via phone or text message if you are going to be late. • Meet and greet each sale with politeness. Treat the customers with respect. Always end transactions with “thank you” or “good luck” always remember you are representing our zone.
  • Be prepared to work any designated station. Everyone needs to be comfortable with each station. Station assignments will be given out at the coordinator’s discretion. Requests for certain stations will not be entertained unless there are specific circumstances.
  • No excessive visiting with other workers or bingo players. Noise level must be kept to a minimum. Runners on the floor need to be constantly moving and split up from other runners. If the coordinator has to constantly remind you of this it could result in the loss of your next bingo shift.
  • Only one or two people at the kiosk at one time returning or buying paper. Remember the kiosk and the Nevada kiosk are not for visiting.
  • No cell phone use is allowed on the floor at any time. You must go to the break room to use your phone. Phones should not be kept in bingo hall aprons. If you have to be reminded of this more than once it could result in you being asked to go home or losing bingo privileges in the future.
  • You get one 15 minute break per shift. Breaks must be approved by the supervisor. Only one person is allowed on break at a time.
  • You may receive one free fountain drink or coffee from the bingo hall concession during each shift. You may bring in an outside drink, such as pop, coffee, or water.

What to Wear

  • Hair and attire must be professional. Muscle shirts, spaghetti straps and short skirts are not acceptable. Inappropriate attire may result in the coordinator sending you home and loss of that bingo shift.
  • Wear your Lasers gear to promote the zone you are working for.
  • Ball caps can be worn; however, they must be worn with the lid forward, in a manner that does not cover your eyes.
  • Extra policies and precautions may be required based off of current Covid policies and procedures mandated by the Saskatchewan Health Authority.



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